Maritime Revival Logo

Logo Design, Branding, Print Design, Apparel, Surfboard Art

This is one of those projects that has a place in my heart. But to get the full picture, I need to take you back to when I was in high school. Two friends and I started a little surfboard business. While I didn’t design our main logo, I did design the secondary logo for the business cards (it was actually the first thing I ever designed that went to print), and the art on my surfboards was where I really where I started developing my eye for design.

Fast forward a few years, we all moved off to our various colleges and our little business just sort of stopped. For me that meant having someone else shape my boards. I kept surfing, but life gets in the way and I was eventually only paddling out once or twice a year.

Fast forward quite a few more years to Nov. 2017, and I found myself really wanting to get back into surfing. I tried, but there was just something missing. That is when I decided I needed to try shaping my own boards again. It worked! I am now back in the water regularly and loving every minute of it. Since it was time to go and shape my next board, I decided it was also time to give it a real name and logo.

This logo has a loose, organic feel that is exactly what I was looking for. While I tried quite a few oceanic symbols, the anchor ended up being just the right fit. The first board with this logo is still being fiber-glassed, but I will make sure to take pictures and get them posted as soon as it is finished.