Live Salty Logo, Poster, and Tote

Logo Design, Branding, Print Design

Most of the items that I design day in and day out have a professional, polished look. For the past few months I have been surfing quite a bit which influenced these pieces quite a bit. I was looking for new art for my house, and wanted something that was a combination of traditional art and graphic design.

I started by creating this logo, a simple water drop around handwritten font. To make sure it all looked hand drawn, I created a custom brush in Illustrator and used it as a stroke around both the letters and water drop.

For the poster, I created a custom water color paper background in Photoshop. Using a few custom brushes,  I was able to achieve a realistic water color image behind the logo. It look sgreat on my wall, and I plan on having a few totes made the next time I am having work done at DTG print shop.